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Class StringSelection

All Implemented Interfaces:
ClipboardOwner, Transferable
public class StringSelection
extends Object
implements Transferable, ClipboardOwner

A Transferable which implements the capability required to transfer a String. This Transferable properly supports DataFlavor.stringFlavor and all equivalent flavors. Support for DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor and all equivalent flavors is deprecated. No other DataFlavors are supported.

See Also:
DataFlavor.stringFlavor, DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor



public StringSelection(String data)

Creates a Transferable capable of transferring the specified String.



public DataFlavor[] getTransferDataFlavors()

Returns an array of flavors in which this Transferable can provide the data. DataFlavor.stringFlavor is properly supported. Support for DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor is deprecated.

Specified by:
getTransferDataFlavors in interface Transferable
an array of length two, whose elements are DataFlavor. stringFlavor and DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor


public boolean isDataFlavorSupported(DataFlavor flavor)

Returns whether the requested flavor is supported by this Transferable.

Specified by:
isDataFlavorSupported in interface Transferable
flavor - the requested flavor for the data
true if flavor is equal to DataFlavor.stringFlavor or DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor; false if flavor is not one of the above flavors
NullPointerException - if flavor is null


public Object getTransferData(DataFlavor flavor)
                       throws UnsupportedFlavorException,

Returns the Transferable's data in the requested DataFlavor if possible. If the desired flavor is DataFlavor.stringFlavor, or an equivalent flavor, the String representing the selection is returned. If the desired flavor is DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor, or an equivalent flavor, a Reader is returned. Note: The behavior of this method for DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor and equivalent DataFlavors is inconsistent with the definition of DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor.

Specified by:
getTransferData in interface Transferable
flavor - the requested flavor for the data
the data in the requested flavor, as outlined above
UnsupportedFlavorException - if the requested data flavor is not equivalent to either DataFlavor.stringFlavor or DataFlavor.plainTextFlavor
IOException - if an IOException occurs while retrieving the data. By default, StringSelection never throws this exception, but a subclass may.
NullPointerException - if flavor is null
See Also:


public void lostOwnership(Clipboard clipboard,
                          Transferable contents)

Description copied from interface: ClipboardOwner

Notifies this object that it is no longer the clipboard owner. This method will be called when another application or another object within this application asserts ownership of the clipboard.

Specified by:
lostOwnership in interface ClipboardOwner
clipboard - the clipboard that is no longer owned
contents - the contents which this owner had placed on the clipboard

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