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Class DnDConstants

public final class DnDConstants
extends Object

This class contains constant values representing the type of action(s) to be performed by a Drag and Drop operation.




public static final int ACTION_NONE

An int representing no action.


public static final int ACTION_COPY

An int representing a "copy" action.


public static final int ACTION_MOVE

An int representing a "move" action.


public static final int ACTION_COPY_OR_MOVE

An int representing a "copy" or "move" action.

public static final int ACTION_LINK

An int representing a "link" action. The link verb is found in many, if not all native DnD platforms, and the actual interpretation of LINK semantics is both platform and application dependent. Broadly speaking, the semantic is "do not copy, or move the operand, but create a reference to it". Defining the meaning of "reference" is where ambiguity is introduced. The verb is provided for completeness, but its use is not recommended for DnD operations between logically distinct applications where misinterpretation of the operations semantics could lead to confusing results for the user.


public static final int ACTION_REFERENCE

An int representing a "reference" action (synonym for ACTION_LINK).


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