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Interface DragSourceMotionListener

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All Known Implementing Classes:
DragSourceAdapter, DragSourceContext
public interface DragSourceMotionListener
extends EventListener

A listener interface for receiving mouse motion events during a drag operation.

The class that is interested in processing mouse motion events during a drag operation either implements this interface or extends the abstract DragSourceAdapter class (overriding only the methods of interest).

Create a listener object using that class and then register it with a DragSource. Whenever the mouse moves during a drag operation initiated with this DragSource, that object's dragMouseMoved method is invoked, and the DragSourceDragEvent is passed to it.

See Also:
DragSourceDragEvent, DragSource, DragSourceListener, DragSourceAdapter



void dragMouseMoved(DragSourceDragEvent dsde)

Called whenever the mouse is moved during a drag operation.

dsde - the DragSourceDragEvent

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