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Class ContainerEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
public class ContainerEvent
extends ComponentEvent

A low-level event which indicates that a container's contents changed because a component was added or removed.

Container events are provided for notification purposes ONLY; The AWT will automatically handle changes to the containers contents internally so that the program works properly regardless of whether the program is receiving these events or not.

This low-level event is generated by a container object (such as a Panel) when a component is added to it or removed from it. The event is passed to every ContainerListener or ContainerAdapter object which registered to receive such events using the component's addContainerListener method. (ContainerAdapter objects implement the ContainerListener interface.) Each such listener object gets this ContainerEvent when the event occurs.

An unspecified behavior will be caused if the id parameter of any particular ContainerEvent instance is not in the range from CONTAINER_FIRST to CONTAINER_LAST.

See Also:
ContainerAdapter, ContainerListener, Tutorial: Writing a Container Listener, Serialized Form



public static final int CONTAINER_FIRST

The first number in the range of ids used for container events.


public static final int CONTAINER_LAST

The last number in the range of ids used for container events.


public static final int COMPONENT_ADDED

This event indicates that a component was added to the container.


public static final int COMPONENT_REMOVED

This event indicates that a component was removed from the container.



public ContainerEvent(Component source,
                      int id,
                      Component child)

Constructs a ContainerEvent object.

This method throws an IllegalArgumentException if source is null.

source - The Component object (container) that originated the event
id - An integer indicating the type of event. For information on allowable values, see the class description for ContainerEvent
child - the component that was added or removed
IllegalArgumentException - if source is null
See Also:
getContainer(), AWTEvent.getID(), getChild()



public Container getContainer()

Returns the originator of the event.

the Container object that originated the event, or null if the object is not a Container.


public Component getChild()

Returns the component that was affected by the event.

the Component object that was added or removed


public String paramString()

Returns a parameter string identifying this event. This method is useful for event-logging and for debugging.

paramString in class ComponentEvent
a string identifying the event and its attributes

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