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Interface MouseWheelListener

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AWTEventMulticaster, BasicComboPopup.InvocationMouseHandler, BasicComboPopup.ListMouseHandler, BasicDesktopIconUI.MouseInputHandler, BasicFileChooserUI.DoubleClickListener, BasicInternalFrameUI.BorderListener, BasicScrollBarUI.ArrowButtonListener, BasicScrollBarUI.TrackListener, BasicScrollPaneUI.MouseWheelHandler, BasicSliderUI.TrackListener, BasicSplitPaneDivider.MouseHandler, BasicTabbedPaneUI.MouseHandler, BasicTreeUI.MouseHandler, FormView.MouseEventListener, HTMLEditorKit.LinkController, MetalFileChooserUI.SingleClickListener, MouseAdapter, MouseInputAdapter, ToolTipManager
public interface MouseWheelListener
extends EventListener

The listener interface for receiving mouse wheel events on a component. (For clicks and other mouse events, use the MouseListener. For mouse movement and drags, use the MouseMotionListener.)

The class that is interested in processing a mouse wheel event implements this interface (and all the methods it contains).

The listener object created from that class is then registered with a component using the component's addMouseWheelListener method. A mouse wheel event is generated when the mouse wheel is rotated. When a mouse wheel event occurs, that object's mouseWheelMoved method is invoked.

For information on how mouse wheel events are dispatched, see the class description for MouseWheelEvent.

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void mouseWheelMoved(MouseWheelEvent e)

Invoked when the mouse wheel is rotated.

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