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Interface WindowFocusListener

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AWTEventMulticaster, BasicToolBarUI.FrameListener, JMenu.WinListener, WindowAdapter
public interface WindowFocusListener
extends EventListener

The listener interface for receiving WindowEvents, including WINDOW_GAINED_FOCUS and WINDOW_LOST_FOCUS events. The class that is interested in processing a WindowEvent either implements this interface (and all the methods it contains) or extends the abstract WindowAdapter class (overriding only the methods of interest). The listener object created from that class is then registered with a Window using the Window's addWindowFocusListener method. When the Window's status changes by virtue of it being opened, closed, activated, deactivated, iconified, or deiconified, or by focus being transfered into or out of the Window, the relevant method in the listener object is invoked, and the WindowEvent is passed to it.

See Also:
WindowAdapter, WindowEvent, Tutorial: Writing a Window Listener



void windowGainedFocus(WindowEvent e)

Invoked when the Window is set to be the focused Window, which means that the Window, or one of its subcomponents, will receive keyboard events.


void windowLostFocus(WindowEvent e)

Invoked when the Window is no longer the focused Window, which means that keyboard events will no longer be delivered to the Window or any of its subcomponents.

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