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Class InternalFrameFocusTraversalPolicy

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public abstract class InternalFrameFocusTraversalPolicy
extends FocusTraversalPolicy

A FocusTraversalPolicy which can optionally provide an algorithm for determining a JInternalFrame's initial Component. The initial Component is the first to receive focus when the JInternalFrame is first selected. By default, this is the same as the JInternalFrame's default Component to focus.




public InternalFrameFocusTraversalPolicy()



public Component getInitialComponent(JInternalFrame frame)

Returns the Component that should receive the focus when a JInternalFrame is selected for the first time. Once the JInternalFrame has been selected by a call to setSelected(true), the initial Component will not be used again. Instead, if the JInternalFrame loses and subsequently regains selection, or is made invisible or undisplayable and subsequently made visible and displayable, the JInternalFrame's most recently focused Component will become the focus owner. The default implementation of this method returns the JInternalFrame's default Component to focus.

frame - the JInternalFrame whose initial Component is to be returned
the Component that should receive the focus when frame is selected for the first time, or null if no suitable Component can be found
IllegalArgumentException - if window is null
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