/OpenJDK 8 GUI

Class BasicFileChooserUI.DoubleClickListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
MouseListener, MouseMotionListener, MouseWheelListener, EventListener
Enclosing class:
protected class BasicFileChooserUI.DoubleClickListener
extends MouseAdapter



public DoubleClickListener(JList list)



public void mouseEntered(MouseEvent e)

The JList used for representing the files is created by subclasses, but the selection is monitored in this class. The TransferHandler installed in the JFileChooser is also installed in the file list as it is used as the actual transfer source. The list is updated on a mouse enter to reflect the current data transfer state of the file chooser.

Specified by:
mouseEntered in interface MouseListener
mouseEntered in class MouseAdapter


public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e)

Description copied from class: MouseAdapter

Invoked when the mouse button has been clicked (pressed and released) on a component.

Specified by:
mouseClicked in interface MouseListener
mouseClicked in class MouseAdapter

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