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Class BorderUIResource

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Border, UIResource
public class BorderUIResource
extends Object
implements Border, UIResource, Serializable

Nested Classes

Nested Classes
Modifier and Type Class and Description
static class  BorderUIResource.BevelBorderUIResource
static class  BorderUIResource.CompoundBorderUIResource
static class  BorderUIResource.EmptyBorderUIResource
static class  BorderUIResource.EtchedBorderUIResource
static class  BorderUIResource.LineBorderUIResource
static class  BorderUIResource.MatteBorderUIResource
static class  BorderUIResource.TitledBorderUIResource



public BorderUIResource(Border delegate)

Creates a UIResource border object which wraps an existing Border instance.

delegate - the border being wrapped



public static Border getEtchedBorderUIResource()


public static Border getLoweredBevelBorderUIResource()


public static Border getRaisedBevelBorderUIResource()


public static Border getBlackLineBorderUIResource()


public void paintBorder(Component c,
                        Graphics g,
                        int x,
                        int y,
                        int width,
                        int height)

Description copied from interface: Border

Paints the border for the specified component with the specified position and size.

Specified by:
paintBorder in interface Border
c - the component for which this border is being painted
g - the paint graphics
x - the x position of the painted border
y - the y position of the painted border
width - the width of the painted border
height - the height of the painted border


public Insets getBorderInsets(Component c)

Description copied from interface: Border

Returns the insets of the border.

Specified by:
getBorderInsets in interface Border
c - the component for which this border insets value applies


public boolean isBorderOpaque()

Description copied from interface: Border

Returns whether or not the border is opaque. If the border is opaque, it is responsible for filling in it's own background when painting.

Specified by:
isBorderOpaque in interface Border

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