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Class IconUIResource

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Icon, UIResource
public class IconUIResource
extends Object
implements Icon, UIResource, Serializable

An Icon wrapper class which implements UIResource. UI classes which set icon properties should use this class to wrap any icons specified as defaults. This class delegates all method invocations to the Icon "delegate" object specified at construction.

Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. The current serialization support is appropriate for short term storage or RMI between applications running the same version of Swing. As of 1.4, support for long term storage of all JavaBeans™ has been added to the java.beans package. Please see XMLEncoder.

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public IconUIResource(Icon delegate)

Creates a UIResource icon object which wraps an existing Icon instance.

delegate - the icon being wrapped



public void paintIcon(Component c,
                      Graphics g,
                      int x,
                      int y)

Description copied from interface: Icon

Draw the icon at the specified location. Icon implementations may use the Component argument to get properties useful for painting, e.g. the foreground or background color.

Specified by:
paintIcon in interface Icon


public int getIconWidth()

Description copied from interface: Icon

Returns the icon's width.

Specified by:
getIconWidth in interface Icon
an int specifying the fixed width of the icon.


public int getIconHeight()

Description copied from interface: Icon

Returns the icon's height.

Specified by:
getIconHeight in interface Icon
an int specifying the fixed height of the icon.

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