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Class AbstractLayoutCache.NodeDimensions

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public abstract static class AbstractLayoutCache.NodeDimensions
extends Object

Used by AbstractLayoutCache to determine the size and x origin of a particular node.



public NodeDimensions()



public abstract Rectangle getNodeDimensions(Object value,
                                            int row,
                                            int depth,
                                            boolean expanded,
                                            Rectangle bounds)

Returns, by reference in bounds, the size and x origin to place value at. The calling method is responsible for determining the Y location. If bounds is null, a newly created Rectangle should be returned, otherwise the value should be placed in bounds and returned.

value - the value to be represented
row - row being queried
depth - the depth of the row
expanded - true if row is expanded, false otherwise
bounds - a Rectangle containing the size needed to represent value
a Rectangle containing the node dimensions, or null if node has no dimension

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