Go Programming Language

Standard library

Other packages


These packages are part of the Go Project but outside the main Go tree. They are developed under looser compatibility requirements than the Go core. Install them with "go get".

  • benchmarks — benchmarks to measure Go as it is developed.
  • blogblog.golang.org's implementation.
  • buildbuild.golang.org's implementation.
  • crypto — additional cryptography packages.
  • debug — an experimental debugger for Go.
  • image — additional imaging packages.
  • mobile — experimental support for Go on mobile platforms.
  • net — additional networking packages.
  • sys — packages for making system calls.
  • text — packages for working with text.
  • tools — godoc, goimports, gorename, and other tools.
  • tourtour.golang.org's implementation.
  • exp — experimental and deprecated packages (handle with care; may change without warning).


These services can help you find Open Source packages provided by the community.

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